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About Us

Town Photography,Inc. was founded in 1993 by Bart Noschese and Tim Porter. The company quickly built a following of loyal clients who are still a big part of the studio’s existence today. “We are extremely customer based and realize that this is our foundation,” observes Bart.

In addition to portrait, wedding, & commercial photography, the duo has experienced photographing everything from Mardi Gras (Including some famous attendees: Nicholas Cage & Larry King), to groups of over 500 people.

Some past and present clients include:

  • RCA Records
  • Volvo
  • Taco Bell
  • Tanner Companies
  • American Greetings

Bart Noschese - Originally from New York, Bart comes from an extremely diverse photographic background. Both of his parents were professional photographers, but each had a very different approach to the craft. His mother (Rose Tripoli), was a freelance photographer and worked for several newspapers throughout New York. She also exhibited in several galleries, including showings in Woodstock and at Columbia University in Manhattan. Bart’s father (Fred Noschese) was more of a traditional photographer, producing high quality portraits for people in the NYC area for over 20 Years.

With these two powerful influences in his life, Bart was destined to become a photographic artist with an amazing scope of vision. Now at age 36, Bart has nearly 25 years of photographic experience. “I started experimenting in my mother’s black and white dark room when I was a child and would like to continue learning indefinitely. I’ve experienced the change in the imaging world from film to digital , and it has made me realize that visual art has very little to do with the camera, lens, film, or digital device, and more to do with the subject and the artist. All of these tools are simply a way for us to portray our thoughts and ideas.”

Bart’s work has been utilized by the Charleston and Spartanburg Ballets, and was featured as a cover for the Real Yellow Pages. Some of Bart’s dance photography can be viewed at

In 1993, at the start of the business, Tim had very little photographic experience aside from being a photographer on the yearbook staff in high school. But having known Tim since elementary school, Bart knew he was loyal, honest, and willing to work hard for the cause. As the company grew, so did Tim’s knowledge of photography. Today, he is indispensable to the company as a lab technician and photographer.

Artist Statement

There aren’t words to describe the joy and satisfaction of being a visual artist.
Whether you are a new client or a repeat customer, we look forward to serving you with an open mind. We pour our hearts into every project we take on, and view each photo session as a new opportunity.

In this fast paced world, we’re proud to devote this amount of time, effort and creativity to each client.

To check availability or to have us visit a destination of your choosing please contact us.

Bell South Yellow Pages Photography By Town Photography and Bart Noschese